How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Online – Your Guide to Online Casino Payments

Online casino payment options don’t tend to feature very high on the list of priorities when it comes to choosing an online casino. However, it should be very near the top because being able to deposit quickly, easily and securely is an important feature. And equally, being able to take out your winnings safely, swiftly and painlessly. If you spend any amount of time reading online customer reviews you’ll find a lot of disgruntled players winging about making payments. Whether it putting money in or taking it out, there seem to be hundreds of players not happy with the whole experience at the casino of their choice. Read between the lines and you discover that the main reason for players having problems with making payments is that they failed to read the terms and conditions. Basically, they didn’t take the time to understand the rules. There are plenty of different ways to make payments and the rules attached to them are so long-winded it’s no wonder players don’t take the time to read and understand them. You’re in a great position because we’ll be looking at some of the different methods and putting the important information in one place for your convenience. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to read the terms and conditions. On the contrary. You will, however, be well on the way to fully appreciating all that’s involved. But before we look at some of your options let’s talk about security.

What are the most secure and safest online casino payment methods?

All the payment methods we’ll be looking at are safe and secure. The providers of the payment options we introduce all make it a top priority to be the safest and most secure. This may be done using a number of different methods. For example, Paysafecard uses a 16 digit security keychain, while credit card companies use insurance and fraud prevention protection. It’s up to you to ensure you only use a method that values and protects your identity. Only using recommended payment options will reduce the likelihood of bad service, fraud or theft. The reputable online casinos spend a lot of time and effort ensuring there are security protocols in place. And many of them will provide players will information to reassure players of this particular aspect. If you choose an online casino that is licensed and regulated by a recognised regulatory body you can be certain there are secure systems in place for moving money around. In order to obtain a license the online casino will have to prove customer details are kept safe and secure. It will also have to prove there are funds available to pay out all wagers and players money is kept separate from the casinos day to say running expenses.

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What different online casino payment methods are there?

The methods accepted at most online casinos fall into one of several categories. We’ll look at each one in turn and share some examples.

Most popular bank transfers

Bank transfers tend not to cost anything extra because it’s a simple straight transfer, with no middle men involved. The funds are transferred directly from your bank account to the bank account of the online casino.

Most popular debit cards

A debit card is connected to your bank account and uses funds in your account to make payments. The transfer is instant and there are no additional fees.

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Most popular credit cards

Credit cards don’t work in the same way as debit cards and aren’t directly connected to a particular current account. Many different banks and financial service providers provide such a service. In essence it’s a loan facility. Any funds you transfer from your credit card are borrowed from your card provider. Remember that you’ll incur interest if the money you borrowed isn’t repaid by a certain date. Transferring the money is instant, but you might find that some online casinos charge a little bit extra. These fees vary so you’ll need to check with your credit card provider.

Most popular prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are much the same as a debit card payment, but rather than withdrawing funds from an account the card is topped up with funds before you use it. With this type of payment method you can control your spending much easier and keep track of what you’re spending. You might have an actual card you hold in your hand, or it could be a virtual card. Transfers tend to be instant but additional fees vary according to different providers. An online casino wouldn’t normally charge you for this method.

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Most popular instant payment services

Choose to use an instant payment service and you’re putting an effective security barrier between your own bank account and the online casino. To use this method of payment you first have to create an account with the instant payment service and provide your bank account details. To make payments you simply use your login and password. This method also provides for instant transactions and most will be free to use. Some, however, do apply a small transaction fee.

Most popular e-wallets

This type of payment is a combination of prepaid cards and instant payment services. How they all work differs depending on the provider. You might have to provide your account details, login to pay or the provider might simply debit your account and pay on your behalf. You might also have to transfer funds to your e-wallet before you can use it. A lot of these e-wallets have their own security, working alongside, as well as associated protection policies and dispute resolution services. Transfers are instant unless there are additional protections in place. And fees can vary but the e-wallet company ill either charge for placing funds in your account or on transactions performed by the provider. An online casino is not very likely to charge for using this method. There are a number of alternatives being used alongside these traditional methods. Bitcoin, for example, is a virtual currency and peer-to-peer online payment system that’s becoming very popular.

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What are the best online casino payment options to choose?

When it comes to making payments at an online casino the method you choose is really more of a personal choice. Each of them are secure in their own way, and some might be slightly faster and easier than others. But what matters is having plenty of choice. You might find using PayPal more convenient, or you might prefer to use your credit card. We always give you as much information regarding payment methods when we write our reviews. The number of different online casino payment options will be different depending on where you live. Players in the UK generally have a much wider choice of methods than players in the US for example. There are a number of common questions that get asked by online casino players, particularly beginners. So let’s see if we can answer them for you ahead of time.

Online casino payment methods FAQs

Preferably you should be picking a payment method that’s safe, secure and easy. Most of them are but you can check whether the method has been approved by a higher authority. Another good indicator as to a method’s reliability is whether it’s been used for a long time. The methods we’ve already introduced would all be considered suitable methods of payment for an online casino.
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All the methods we’ve looked at have the safety and security of customers at the top of the list of priorities. A number of different methods will be used and you check the specifics by speaking with a customer service representative at the casino of your choice.

The fastest method will tend to be the e-wallet payment as they are designed for instant use online and therefore fully optimized for making payments online. Credit and debit cards are also very fast methods if you want payments to be made instantly. The specifics, however, depend on the service provider.

This is a personal preference kind of thing. Choosing an eWallet means your banking details won’t be shared over the web, which is perfect if you’re concerned about someone stealing your identity. However, there are still a large number of players who prefer to use their credit or debit card. The choice is yours completely.

Playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun, but eventually you’re going to want to make a withdrawal of your winnings. They tend to be paid back into the method used to deposit your funds. However, there are a number of different terms and conditions relating to withdrawals that you’ll need to read very carefully. If there’s anything at all you don’t understand, our advice is to get in touch with the casino customer support service.
Whichever method of making payments at an online casino you choose don’t forget the money is yours and nobody elses. Don’t be tempted to make any compromises with regards making payments because you’ll never feel like a winner. There are hundreds of different casinos to choose from so make sure you choose one that ticks all your boxes, rather than just a few of them. There are also some great electronic payment methods available and because it’s such a competitive market there are always going to plenty of options.
We’ll finish up with a word of caution. One issue that keeps popping up when we’re doing our research is that players seem very unhappy about verifying their identity before a withdrawal can be made. While this may be a little inconvenient, the casino has your best interests at heart. We’re here to let you know that verification of your identity is an industry wide requirement in order to comply with licensing regulations. But not only that, it’s a way of ensuring any withdrawals end up in the right hands. Proving the money you want to withdraw is also part of criminal law. If you can’t satisfy the casino you are who you say you are, can prove where you live, are over the legal gambling age and the money you deposited is legitimate, the casino has every right to hold on to it. Not the best of scenarios to find yourself in. Which means you should do what is required of you and provide all the documentation needed. You might not need to do it every time but be prepared to do it sometimes. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about making payments at an online casino and now feel ready to take the next step. We’ll be writing some online casino reviews in the very near future. So take the time to read some of these before you register for an online casino account.